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Expo Pass Agreements

Expo Pass has 3 different agreements, all with a unique purpose: Service Agreement, Merchant Agreement, and Badge Printing Agreement

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers


Expo Pass has 3 agreements, all with a unique purpose: Service Agreement (SA), Merchant Agreement (MA), and Badge Printing Agreement (BPA).

Below we will walk through the purpose of each, when to expect them, and who to reach out to if you have questions regarding each.

Service Agreement (SA)

The Expo Pass Service Agreement (SA) is a year-long contract which includes legal details, the Expo Pass products and/ or services you will be using, along with the expected costs and upfront Annual Fee.

During the year long contract, an Event Organizer can have as many events as they'd like, unless other terms were agreed upon before signing.

For new clients, the Service Agreement is created and sent by the Account Executive during the sales process.

For returning clients, the Renewal Service Agreement is created and sent by your Relationship Manager (if you do not know who this is, please reach out to your Success Specialist).

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you have any questions regarding your Service Agreement after you have signed, new or renewal, please reach out to your Relationship Manager.

No Expo Pass Client, new or returning, can use Expo Pass Products and/or Services without an active Service Agreement in place.

Badge Printing Agreement (BPA)

The Expo Pass Badge Printing Agreement (BPA) is a Rental Agreement acknowledging the amount of equipment reserved, services agreed to, badges being ordered, and legal rental liability details for your Premium Badge Printing Event.

The BPA will need to be signed per event by all clients who are using Expo Pass for Premium Badge Printing.

Well why do I need to sign both a Service Agreement AND a Badge Printing Agreement?

Great question! The Service Agreement is your annual contract outlining your fees, products and services for all events within that year. The BPA is unique to each event within the year for Premium Badge Printing only. Both must be signed as they are separate legal contracts.

πŸ‘‰ Your Success Specialist will create and send your Badge Printing Agreements. If you have any questions, please contact them directly.

Merchant Agreement (MA)

The Expo Pass Merchant Agreement (MA) is the Agreement with our credit card processing platform, Stripe, which connects your paid event and banking information to Stripe.

  • Any event that is using Expo Pass Registration for a paid event (pre-registration or onsite) and/or is using Expo Pass Lead Retrieval, must have a Merchant Agreement in place.

When choosing to use our Merchant Agreement, the Event Owner must be the person logged in and filling out the agreement information.

❗ Important: Once a Merchant Agreement is setup, it becomes associated with the Event Owner's email. This means if the Event Owner creates a new event, it will automatically connect to the existing Merchant Agreement and in turn bank account.

  • If you have questions or need to change this information, please reach out to Success.

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