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How to Create a Zoom Meeting for Expo Pass
How to Create a Zoom Meeting for Expo Pass

This will walk you through hot to create a Zoom Meeting that will work with an Expo Pass Virtual Event.

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1. Log into your Zoom account from a web browser

2. Click on ‘Meetings’

3. Click ‘Schedule a Meeting’

4. Enter the Topic (title), Description, Time (When), Duration and Time Zone.

5. Continuing scrolling to enable/ disable a few required key features for your Zoom Webinar Expo experience:

  1. Registration Required - UNCHECKED

  2. Meeting ID - Generate Automatically: CHECKED

  3. Security:

    1. Passcode: CHECKED

    2. Waiting Room: UP TO EVENT ORGANIZER

    3. Require authentication to join: UNCHECKED

  4. Video:


    2. Participant ON/OFF: UP TO EVENT ORGANIZER

  5. Audio:

    1. Telephone, Computer Audio or Both: UP TO EVENT ORGANIZER - we recommend BOTH

  6. Meeting Options:

    1. Allow participants to join anytime: UP TO EVENT ORGANIZER

    2. Mute participants upon entry: UP TO EVENT ORGANIZER - we suggest CHECKED

    3. Breakout Room pre-assign: This only works when putting a URL link in your session in Expo Pass. It will not work when embedded (Live SDK) UP TO EVENT ORGANIZER

    4. Automatically record meeting: UP TO EVENT ORGANIZER - Expo Pass does not record live streams, so check this if you would like the recordings for later

    5. Enable focus mode when meeting starts: UP TO EVENT ORGANIZER

    6. Approve or block entry to users from specific regions/ countries: UP TO EVENT ORGANIZER

**NOTE "Require authentication to join" requires all attendees to have a Zoom account. You do not need this for Expo Pass. Please also check your account level settings to make sure this is NOT enabled.

See the Zoom Help Article HERE for more details.

6. Lastly, you can add Alternative Hosts. These would be any speakers or panelists you have for the meeting.

7. Click on SAVE for your meeting.

When you click Schedule you will be directed to the Manage “My Meetings” page. You will need the Meeting ID and Password to embed your Zoom Webinar in the Event Platform.

You will need the Invite Link if you are using a URL in Expo Pass.

To find out more about what features work when embedded in Expo Pass (Zoom SDK) vs a URL Link (Zoom App), click HERE

If you scroll to the bottom of the Manage "My Meetings" page, here is where you will Save this Meeting as a Template, Edit this Meeting, Start Your Meeting, and enter Polls. You can also convert the Meeting to a Webinar if you have webinar capabilities through Zoom.

  1. Please note that Polling will NOT work if you are embedding Zoom Meeting into the Expo Pass Virtual Platform.

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