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Enable Attendee Mobile App Access (In-Person Events)
Enable Attendee Mobile App Access (In-Person Events)

Here is how to turn on mobile app access for your in-person event to go live for attendee access.

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This article is for Event Organizers

Before your attendees can get into your event's mobile app, it needs to first be built out

(at minimum the sessions need to be added into Expo Pass) and activated. This article focuses on how to enable the Mobile App for your attendee's access.

With the Mobile App, Attendees can:

  • View important Event Contacts

  • Customize an Event Schedule that includes the Sessions they’re signed up for

  • View a complete list of all Sessions available to them

  • Get to know the Speakers leading the Sessions

  • Learn more about event Exhibitors

If you are not interested in using the Mobile App for your Attendees, you can simply choose to keep this feature OFF.

Enable Attendee Mobile App Access

This is used to turn our on Mobile App for your in-person events only. Turning Mobile App Access ON moves your event from "draft mode" (not accessible by attendees) to ON or accessible by registered attendees.

1. To manage your Event Settings, login to Expo Pass and click into the event you'd like to manage.

2. Click on the Details section of your event and then Event Settings.

3. Toggle Attendee Mobile App Access to ON

4. Choose the date and time that you would like your event to be live.

5. Click Save.

6. Once you click save, Attendee Access 🌐 at the top of your screen will change colors:

  • Red means Attendee Access is OFF

  • Yellow means Attendee Access is scheduled to be enabled at a later time

  • Green means Attendee Access is ON

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