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Editing your Event Details in Expo Pass
Editing your Event Details in Expo Pass

If you are an Event Owner and would like to learn more about editing your previous event details, please read on.

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You've previously added your event details into Expo Pass, but you you would like to make some edits and/or changes - no problem!

1. Log into your Expo Pass account.

2. To edit your Company profile, click on the bubble that contains your initials in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can add an image to represent yourself or your company, that, once saved, will replace your initials as your icon.

3. The Event Details summary screen is displayed. This screen is a summary of your event and where your Event Details are managed.

  • Edit event details at any time.

  • Add important Event Contacts for Attendees and Exhibitors (Event Organizers, Customer Support, Medical Contacts, etc.)

  • View the total number of Attendees and Exhibitors that have joined your event

By clicking on the pencil icon, you can open up your Details section and edit any field.

From your Event Details Dashboard the Event Organizer can: 

  • Manage Event Details and Event Contacts (explained above)

  • Manage Users (add/delete additional event administrators)

  • Manage the Mobile App Cover Screen

  • Manage Social Tags 

  • Add Travel & Lodging Information (hotel, car rental, airline, transportation information)

Pro tip:  If you want to change your original event dates, after you've created Sessions in Expo Pass, you are going to want to read the following help article: Updating Event Dates in Expo Pass.

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