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Add and Manage Your Event Users
Add and Manage Your Event Users

Adding Users to your Expo Pass Event: "Users" are defined as other event administrators with certain access and permissions.

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As an Event Organizer (a.k.a. "Event Owner"), we realize that you aren’t the only person responsible for setting up a smooth process behind the scenes (or at least we hope you are not all alone in this effort).  To include other key players in your event planning and execution, as well as those responsible for scanning in attendees to sessions (if you are using the session tracking), each Event Owner can give access to an unlimited amount of event Users (in addition to their own access all at no additional cost).

NOTE: Event Users cannot not also be "Event Attendees" -- meaning specifically that the email address used for an Event Attendee cannot also be used again for an Event User. Expo Pass allows for only one unique email address for each event. If you have an individual that you would like to have the role of Event User and also be an event Attendee, please make sure that they use two different email addresses, one for each role.

1. The first way you can create email aliases in Gmail is with dots. Gmail will ignore any dots added before the “@” sign and treat it just the same as your original email address. You can add dots between words, letters, or numbers to create email aliases. No matter how many dots you use or where you put them, Gmail will still deliver those messages to your primary inbox. For example:

2. The second way you can create email aliases in Gmail is with the plus sign. You can insert a “+” with a combination of words at the end of your username (but before the “@” sign) and the emails will still come to your primary email address. Gmail will not look at what comes after the plus sign in the address so you can create infinite aliases of your Gmail address. For example:

To Add and Manage Users via the Web Platform

1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Web Application and choose the appropriate event.

2. Click on the “Users” tab in the left-hand menu.

3. To add someone to your event enter their email and choose their permissions (shown below) then click "Add User."


  • Users will need to create an account with Expo Pass (via the web or mobile platform) using the email you added them with in the system

  • After creating an account, a 4-digit verification code will be sent to their email

  • Once they input that 4 digit code, they will have access to your event as an Admin User (as long as that permission was set for them)

To Add and Manage Users via the Mobile Platform

1. Login with your credentials to the Expo Pass App and choose the appropriate event.
2. Tap on the “Admin Toolkit” button in the left side menu
3. Tap on the “Admin Setting” icon in the upper right hand corner (gear icon)
4. Select “Manage Users
5. To add a user to your event, tap “Add a User”, enter the new users email address and select their permissions

6. If you tap on a user, it will open up their admin settings and from there you can edit their settings if needed.

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