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Expo Pass Mobile

*Please note, in-order-to access the lead retrieval scanner, you must have created an Expo Pass account and also purchased lead retrieval (if the event Organizer is covering the cost of lead retrieval, you will still need to sign up for it). If you have not yet purchased/claimed lead retrieval, please visit here for instructions on how to do so.

1. Open your Expo Pass app on your mobile phone and sign in.

2. Select the appropriate event

3. Once logged in to the event, click on “Exhibitor Toolkit” in your menu

4. You will see a scan icon at the top of this page, clicking on this will pull up your smartphone’s camera which will act as your scanner

  • If your organization has not yet purchased lead retrieval, the scan icon will be an oval button prompting you to purchase lead retrieval

5. You will use your camera to scan the QR code on Attendee badges

  • Here you can ask the Attendee your pre-created qualifiers, view their profile, and also move onto your next scan

6. If you opt to Ask Qualifiers and multiple questions for the attendee, you will complete the first question and swipe left to answer the next question.

  • If you haven't created qualifier questions yet, HERE is how to do so.

7. If you need to go back to any previous questions, you will swipe right to answer.

Learn how to download your lead list as a csv file during or post event here

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