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Organizer Checklist: Events Beginning in less than 45 Days
Organizer Checklist: Events Beginning in less than 45 Days

Is your event in 45 days or less? Start here! We've got you covered.

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

We know that event planning can be stressful, especially with your event being less than 45 days away - Don't worry - we're here to help!

❗ Important: In regards to your badge order, time is of the essence. Please jump in ASAP to complete the following three tasks.

1) Create Your Expo Pass Account

Every individual working on your event team that needs access to the Expo Pass event must create their own Expo Pass Account.

2) Create Your Expo Pass Event

After creating your Expo Pass Account, you can proceed to create your Expo Pass Event(s). This is a straightforward process that typically requires just a few minutes to complete.

3) Create Your Badge Design and Order Process

❗ Important: Timely design and obtaining final approval for your badge artwork are vital for the success of your event - and should be done at the latest 30 days before your event start date.

Explore our Help Center Articles on badge selection, design, and the build process. Take a moment with your favorite beverage to review these articles, as it will save you considerable time and address potential questions later on.

If you need more background on Badges, feel free to review the following at your earliest convenience:

❗ Important: For a complete event checklist for all other actions/steps needed for your upcoming event, check out this Help Center Article:

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