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Expo Pass Badge Manager - How to Access
Expo Pass Badge Manager - How to Access

How to access the Expo Pass Badge Manager to design your badge shell, print layer and assign and manage your badges.

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

Expo's Check In and Premium Onsite Badge Printing (BP) experience is a game changer -- you'll save so much time and pre-event work!

To get the process you will need to work with Expo's Event Success Team to finalize the details regarding your equipment and badge shell needs, all of which will be captured in a Badge Printing and Rental Agreement (BPA).

In an effort to manage your expectations, please note:

All FINAL, APPROVED badge shell design artwork is due to your Expo Pass Success Specialist at least 30 DAYS PRIOR to your event start date. This is to ensure we have enough time to approve, order, and test your badges, so they are top notch!

❗ Important: If for some reason your timeframe becomes compressed to less than 30 days, we cannot guarantee that your badge shells can be ordered and ready for your event.

Let's Get Organized

Before we begin the design and ordering process for your badge shells, we need to make sure you have the following decisions made in regards Badge Selection (if not -- please contact the Event Success team):

  • Badge Size: 4x6" or 4x3"

  • Badge Shell Artwork: Single or Double-Sided

  • Notches: None, 1 or 2

  • Quantity: How many badges you will need

Accessing the Expo Pass Badge Manager

Log into Expo Pass Classic and click into your event.

1. To get to the badge manager, in your event in Expo Classic, select Event Settings in the Details section of Expo Pass Classic.

[crop output image]

2. This will open a new tab. From Event Settings, click on Admin Menu --> Badges

3. The Expo Pass Badge Manager will open where you can design and manager your badges for your event:

Now let's get to designing your badge!

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