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Event Reminder Email

How to send an automated Event Reminder Email for your virtual & in-person events. These can also include Magic Links for attendee access.

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An Event Reminder Email is very useful to ensure that your Attendees are ready to go for for your event. These emails can be a gentle reminder, as well as include Web Magic Links (virtual events) and/or Mobile Magic Links (in-person events only) for attendee access to your event.

When activating Event Reminder Emails, here is what your Attendees will receive:

The Logistics

When Event Reminder Emails are turned on, they will be sent to your Attendees either at the date & time you've scheduled. Reference the article HERE to manage your Event Reminder Email settings.

The email will come from "" and the subject line will reference the name of your event + "is starting soon!" For example: "Photography Event" is starting soon!

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