Event Reminder Email

How to send an automated Event Reminder Email for your virtual & in-person events. These can also include Magic Links for attendee access.

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An Event Reminder Email is very useful to ensure that your Attendees are ready to go for for your event. These emails can be a gentle reminder, as well as include Web Magic Links (virtual events) and/or Mobile Magic Links (in-person events only) for attendee access to your event.

When activating Event Reminder Emails, here is what your Attendees will receive:

The Logistics

When Event Reminder Emails are turned on, they will be sent to your Attendees either at the date & time you've scheduled. Reference the article HERE to manage your Event Reminder Email settings.

The email will come from "support@exposent.com" and the subject line will reference the name of your event + "is starting soon!" For example: "Photography Event" is starting soon!

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