Thank you for registering to attend a virtual event powered by Expo Pass!

PLEASE NOTE: The process to create an Expo Pass Account must be completed from your computer (not your mobile phone). It is imperative that you are using a current and fully supported internet browser. Expo strongly recommends that you use Chrome as your internet browser on your computer as it will give you the best experience. Safari (Apple), Firefox, and the latest version of Microsoft Edge are other alternative browsers that will work on your computer.

The following are the steps needed to create your Expo Pass Account:

1. To start the process of creating your Expo Pass account, please click (or copy and paste) the following link: On this site you will see the following - click "Create An Account" if you have never used Expo before:

2. You will now be on the screen that allows you to Create an Account. When typing in your "Email Address" YOU MUST USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU DID WHEN YOU REGISTERED FOR THE EVENT.

If you do not use the same email to create an account that you used to register with, the system will not recognize you as being a part of that specific event.

If you are not sure what email you used, go back and check your registration confirmation email that you received immediately after you registered for the event.

After you click the "Create Account" button, you will see the following:

3. Check your email account for the Magic Link that was emailed to you. The email will come from "" and subject line will be "Expo Pass Login".

Here is sample copy of what you will receive via email:

If you do not see an email from "" with the subject line of "Expo Pass Login", please check your email SPAM (junk email) folder as it may have been filtered and placed there in error.

4. From the email that you received, click on the Magic Link that was sent to you. It will take you to your event.

If you are not registered for an event, or have used a different email than what you registered with, you will see the following:

5. Congratulations! After you have clicked on the Magic Link and are in your event, you have completed all the steps necessary to create an Expo Pass account!

Please note that going forward when you want to get to Virtual Platform log-in page, start by typing this URL into your browser:

You've created an Expo Pass Account - now what?

For a step-by-step on how to log into the Expo Pass Virtual Platform after you have created an Expo Pass account, please refer to this help Article.

For a step-by-step on how to navigate your event once you have an Expo Pass Account, please refer to this help Article.

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