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How to Access Your Expo Pass Virtual Event
How to Access Your Expo Pass Virtual Event

After registering, here is a deep dive into how you navigate through your Expo Pass Virtual Event

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Not all internet browsers are the same. We strongly recommend that you use the latest version of one of these Internet Browsers to access your event: Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge with Chrome as the best option.

Not sure what browser you are using or if it is up-to-date? Click here: BROWSER

1. When you log in, you should see the event(s) you registered for on the first screen. Click on ‘Details’ for the event you would like to access.

**If you have used the Magic Link to access your event, skip to step 2.

**If you do not see your event, please double-check again to make sure that you used the same email when creating your account that you used when you registered for the event.

2. You are now in your Virtual Event Home Page. Here you can navigate to Exhibitors, and Sessions, watch the Welcome Video, and access the Help Center for all your questions. You can also download Resources, view the Full Event Schedule, and reach out to the Event Contacts.

**Pro Tip: Use the always open Navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen to easily navigate through the event:

3. In the Event Schedule, you will see all Sessions arranged chronologically. From here, you can Add and Remove Sessions to your Schedule, Filter through the Sessions, or Search Schedule.

***Please note: this is not required, but a nice convenience to save Sessions on your My Schedule area.

5. If you would like to learn more about a Session or view the content, click anywhere on the row to open up to the Session.

6. Within a Session, you can download Materials, click on Speakers to see their Bios, Email, LinkedIn, Phone Number, etc. You can also click Join if your Session is live.

7. To navigate back to the Event Schedule, click on 'Back to Sessions' in the top left corner.

8. From here you can look through and attend more Sessions for your event.

If you have Exhibitors at your event, click on the Exhibitors section on the left of your screen to see more.

9. Click on the Exhibitor Session you would like to visit.

10. Here you can Join live Exhibitor meetings, read more about their companies, connect with Key Contacts (Presenting), and download company materials.

11. To navigate back to the Virtual Event Home Page at any time, click on the Event Title in the top left-hand corner of the page.

Enjoy your Event!

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