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Logging into your Expo Pass Virtual Platform
Logging into your Expo Pass Virtual Platform

The following article will walk you through how to log into a previously created Expo Pass Account

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โ“˜ This article is for Attendees

Thank you for registering to attend a virtual event powered by Expo Pass!

To access your virtual event, using your the Expo Pass account (the one you previously made after you registered for your event) please follow the steps below.

If you have not already created an Expo Pass account, please refer to this help article for more instructions:

1. Before going any further please note that the process to create an Expo Pass Account must be completed from your computer (not your mobile phone). In addition it is imperative that you are using a current and fully supported internet browser. Expo strongly recommends that you use Chrome as your internet browser on your computer as it will give you the best experience. Safari (Apple), Firefox, and the latest version of Microsoft Edge are other alternative browsers that will work on your computer.

2. To start the process of creating your Expo Pass account, please click (or copy and paste) the following link: On this site you will see the following - click "Already have an account?"

Note: you may land on this part of the Expo Pass site first, which allows you to immediately begin logging into your Expo Pass account:

3. From the above screen, type in your Email Address and previously created Password (the one that you created).

Remember, when typing in your "Email Address" you MUST USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU DID WHEN YOU REGISTERED FOR THE EVENT (if you are not sure what email you used, go back and check your registration confirmation email that you received immediately after you registered for the event). If you do not use the same email to create an account that you used to register with, the system will not recognize you as being a part of that specific event.

4. After you have input your email and password you have completed all the steps necessary to log into your Expo Pass account. Congratulations! You will now see your virtual event. Please note that going forward when you want to get to Virtual Platform log-in page, start by typing this URL into your browser:

NOT SEEING YOUR EVENT: If you do not see your event, please double-check again to make sure that you used the same email address when creating your Expo Pass account that you used when you registered for the event.

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