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Expo Pass Lead Retrieval and API Kits

Exhibitor - curious about potentially using an API Kit for Lead Retrieval Scanning for an Expo Pass event?

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Expo Pass offers a specialized (proprietary) badge scanning platform known as "Lead Retrieval." With this feature, exhibitors can use the Expo Pass mobile app to scan an event attendee's badge, obtaining additional information like company name, job title, email, and more.

At Expo Pass, we prioritize the security of event attendees' data, and the information available for sharing is determined by the choices made by the Event Organizer. The QR Code printed on attendees' badges includes only a randomly generated ID along with the attendee's first and last name; no additional information is accessible through the scan.

To maintain privacy, Expo Pass does not engage in or facilitate additional data flow through third-party APIs. While some providers allow badges to be scanned by such platforms, we have opted for a secure approach, relying solely on data transfer via our mobile app.

Rest assured, the process to download the Expo Pass mobile app and use it for badge scanning at your upcoming event is straightforward. We have a comprehensive collection of help and support articles for exhibitors available online—feel free to explore!

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