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This article also explains how the gross amount is calculated for your registants.

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In Expo Pass' Registration platform, you can include an extra fee in your registration transaction to pass on to registrants. This additional fee is often used to cover the credit card processing fees associated with the transaction.

Setup Process

After finalizing a Stripe Merchant Agreement and linking your event to this agreement (following the steps in "Connecting Stripe for Your Events"), please inform the Expo Pass Event Success team of your intention to incorporate a fee in the registration process to offset the credit card processing fee. The Event Success team will manage this process, which may take up to two business days to complete.

Fee Calculation

When incorporating an extra fee to mitigate the impact of credit card processing fees, it's crucial to be aware that the new gross amount will also encompass additional credit card processing fees.

To put it another way, it's crucial to clarify that although we may use the term "passing along credit card processing fees" to registrants, Stripe is actually generating a new fee added to the registration amount to counterbalance the credit card processing fee. This supplementary fee incurs its own credit card processing fees and is compounded to ultimately achieve the goal of providing the Event Organizer with the full registration fee amount.

The formula for this calculation is as follows (and is also further explained in this Stripe Support document):

$ Registration Fee

---------------------------------- = $Total Registrant Amount

1.00 - Credit Card Processing Fee

So for example, a Registration Fee of $1000 with the intent of passing along the credit card processing fee of 4.95% means the registrant will pay in total = $1052.08.


---------------------- = $1052.08

1.00 - 0.0495

It's important to understand that multiplying $1000 by 1.0495 is not accurate, as it doesn't consider the additional credit card processing fee associated with the extra fee amount. This additional fee is also compounded and should be factored in separately.

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