Manage how lead retrieval will be paid for - by exhibitors or event organizer.

**You must have a merchant agreement with Expo Pass for Lead Retrieval as well as attendee badges with QR codes.

1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Web Application and choose the appropriate event.

2. Under the “Exhibitors” tab in the left-hand menu, click on “Payments”.

**Please note, only the Event Owner will have access to the Payments section. Additional users that are added to the Event will not be able to see this section.

3. Here, you can choose which pricing options to offer:

**Please review all options before making a final selection and adding Exhibitors into Expo Pass. Note: once one Exhibitor claims their profile, the payment option is locked and cannot be changed (without deleting all Exhibitors and starting over).

A. Paid by the Exhibitor

  • Each Exhibitor is responsible for the $250 fee for Lead Retrieval.

  • Each Exhibitor has 5 Users available to them and can purchase additional Users if needed for $50/user.

B. Paid by the Exhibitor – Advanced

  • This option allows the Organizer to increase the fee for Lead Retrieval.

  • The Organizer can mark up the cost over the base fee and receive the additional funds raised minus your processing fee

  • In order to access this option, you must first complete your Merchant Agreement.

C. Paid by the Event Host (our most popular option)

  • Choose to cover the cost of Lead Retrieval for your Exhibitors. Some events choose to include this fee in their Exhibitor registration cost. You will only be charged when an Exhibitor signs up for Lead Retrieval.

D. Additional Options (Purchase Promo Codes)

  • In addition, the Event Organizer can also purchase Promo Codes prior to the event and distribute them to their Exhibitors as appropriate. These Promo Codes can be for the full cost of Lead Retrieval or for a discounted amount - your choice.

  • For example:

    • You want to offer free Lead Retrieval to your Sponsors who are exhibiting.

    • You want to offer a discount on Lead Retrieval for Exhibitors who sign up early.

    • You want to offer discounted Lead Retrieval for Alumni Exhibitors.

  • A. Paid by the Exhibitor - If you have selected this option, please note that when inputting your "Cost per code" this amount cannot exceed the Exhibitor Fee. Meaning, you can't create a promo that is greater than the fee.

  • B. Paid by the Exhibitor – Advanced Note: If you have selected this option, the "Cost per code" cannot exceed the "Exhibitor Fee + Markup". However, you will only be charged up to the "Exhibitor Fee" for promo codes greater than the Exhibitor Fee. No need to take your portion and then give it back to you later.

  • C. Paid by the Event Host - If you have selected this option, please note that you cannot leverage Promo Codes. You've already agreed to pay for Lead Retrieval so no need to discount yourself :)

If you have purchased Promo Codes, you can view them here:

The table will let you know the actual Code that should be shared with the Exhibitor.

Note: If you purchase Promo Codes, please make sure to purchase only the amount you need and you can always come back and purchase more. All purchases are final and are not able to be refunded.

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