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Refunding Attendees for Registration
Refunding Attendees for Registration

The step need for Event Organizers to process Attendee Refunds for paid registration.

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This article is for Event Organizers

If you have paid registration with Expo Pass, you do have the ability to refund those attendee transactions, either fully or partially.

Important: Stripe is our CC Processing system and they DO NOT refund the credit card processing fee. When refunding an attende there are 2 options:

  • Refund the attendee for the full ticket amount, and you as the event owner will cover (eat) the CC processing fee.

  • Refund the attendee the amount minus the CC processing fee (this can be see in the transaction report and we will walk through more below)

Refunding Attendees | Registration

👉 All Attendee refund requests must be managed and processed by Event Organizers.  If an Attendee makes a request of Expo, Inc. to initiate their refund, we will instead direct them back to the Event Organizer for processing:  

"[ATTENDEE] Thank you for your question regarding your upcoming event, where the Event Organizers have partnered with Expo to help manage their technology needs.  In regards to your refund question, please contact the Event Organizer, [Event Owner's Name] at [Event Owner's Email Address]."

1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass and choose the appropriate event.

2. Under the “Registration” tab in the left-hand menu, click on “Transactions”.

3. All currently registered Attendees will appear on this page.

4. Search for the Attendee you would like to refund by last name or email.

5. Once you find the Attendee you want to refund, click on their name.

6. To refund the Attendee’s registration, click on the “Refund” tab:

7. Here, you will be able to refund a full or partial amount, as well as send a notification of the refund to the Attendee being refunded:

8. You can now generate a revised receipt for your Attendee. Once the refund has been processed, pull up the Attendee's name, in the "Actions" drop down menu, select Resend Receipt, and it will be emailed out to the Billing Email on record.

From the Transaction screen, you will note the following columns:

💡 Key Terms:

  • Transaction Amount = what the Attendee paid at the time they registered for the event.

  • CC Processing Fee = what Stripe pulls from the Transaction Amount for processing.

  • Net Amount = what the Event Owner receives in their bank account for the transaction.


If the Event Owner processes a full refund, a Transaction Amount Refund, which is the default in Expo Pass, they will make the Registrant whole and return to them all the funds collected from the attendee during their registration process.

HOWEVER, if the Event Owner processes a full refund for the Transaction Amount, the Event Owner is paying for (is eating) the cost of the CC Processing Fee as this part of the original transaction is not getting pulled back from Stripe.

If the Event Owner does not want to cover the costs of the CC Processing Fee, and instead let the Attendee cover that expense, which is a current industry practice, then they should process a Net Amount Refund.

Transaction Amount Refund (above example)

  • Registrant gets $399.

  • Stripe keeps $19.75

  • Event Owner pays $19.75  to cover the CC Processing Fee  

Net Amount Refund (above example)

  • Registrant gets $379.25

  • Stripe keeps $19.75

  • Event Owner pays $0.00

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