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Session Attendance Tracking

Set up event users to be able to scan attendees in and out of sessions as well as override session restrictions set by the Event Organizer.

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This article is for Event Organizers

If you need to scan your attendees in and/or out of sessions to track attendance, you can utilize Expo Pass' Session Tracking feature.

Set Up Event Users to Scan Attendees

1. Add your staff as Event Users, which will provide them added permissions in the mobile app.

Important: Event Users cannot use the same email address to be an Event User that they used when Registering or being added to the event.

The email addresses MUST be different for this feature to work, so please ensure they use two distinct email addresses, one for each role.

2. All of your Event Users must have the Scan Attendees permission to be able to scan in and out of session.

  • If you want an Event User to be able to override any session restrictions you have (not included in reg level, session max capacity reached, etc.) you must select Override Session Scans

Once you have your Event Users added, follow the steps below on how to scan attendees into sessions.

Scan Attendees Into Sessions

1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Mobile App and choose the appropriate event.

2. Tap on the Admin Toolkit

3. Tap on Event Sessions

4. Tap on the Session you would like to scan attendees into.

  • If you do not see the Scan option, please contact the Event Owner to ensure you have the Scan Attendee permission

5. Here, you can view in real time how many Attendees are registered vs. those who have been scanned into the Session (attended)

6. On the upper part of the screen, tap on the Scan icon. This will pull up your smartphone’s camera which acts as the scanner.

7. Scan the Attendee’s QR code on their event badge.

  • View the profile of the scanned Attendee, or move on to scan the next attendee.

Session Scan Override Capabilities and Messaging

If you have a set certain restrictions as to who can attendee certain sessions, there will be messaging that pops up when trying to scan attendees that do not meet the requirements.

If an Event User has Override Session Scanning capabilities, they will have an option to scan someone anyways. If they do not, it will simply display the error informing as to why the attendee cannot attend.

Some of the requirements include:

  • Validate Registrants: An attendee must have this session added to their schedule in order to attend. If they attempt to attend, and error will pop up informing the Scanner

  • Maximum Capacity Reached: If maximum capacities are set for a session, once the number has been reached, it will not allow attendees to be scanned in. An error will pop up informing the Scanner.

  • Session Not Included in Registration Level: If an attendee attempts to attend a session that is not included in their Registration Level, an error will pop up informing the Scanner.

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