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Sign up for Lead Retrieval - Web
Sign up for Lead Retrieval - Web
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Now that you've created an Expo Pass Account and joined your event, you are ready to start scanning for some leads! Let's get you signed up for Lead Retrieval.

Expo Pass Web

Please note, before signing up for lead retrieval:

  • You must have first created an Expo Pass account AND joined an event as an Exhibitor through the mobile app or on the web.

1. Log in to your Expo Pass account at

2. Select the appropriate event

3. Click on the β€œLead Retrieval” tab

4. Here you can sign up for access to Lead Retrieval:

  • Lead retrieval is typically between $250-$500, unless the event organizer has chosen to cover the cost for Exhibitors.

  • This includes access to 5 Users from your organization.

  • If additional Users are needed, they can be purchased for $50/User

5. Users can also be added/managed under the β€œUsers” tab. Click here for more info.

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