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Expo Pass Badge Designer - Print Layer | The Details
Expo Pass Badge Designer - Print Layer | The Details

Get into the details, programming your registrant attendee data and QR Code onto your badge to be printed onsite by our thermal printers.

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

Now that you've had some practice navigating the basics of the Badge Designer - Print Layer, let's get into the details!

If you haven't walked through the Print Layer | Basics yes, start HERE.

Click the green + button at the bottom of the badge while in the print layer. You will see the selection menu with the following options:

Detailed walk through for each option are listed below

Mail Merge (required)

This is the attendee data pulled directly from your event from the Attendee Upload Data or Registration Form Data. This will adjust to each unique attendee's information

  1. Once you select Mail Merge from the menu, click EDIT next to the First Name merge field:

2. From here the custom mail merge window will open. Select which field you would like displayed and click Save.

  • NOTE: The Mail Merge selection will always default to First Name

  • PRO TIP: We highly suggest doing each field separately instead of all together in one field box.

3. Continue to add your desired Attendee Merge Fields.

Click Mail Merge from the menu --> Click Edit --> Delete the First Name Field --> Select desired field --> Save

  • You will do this for every field needed on the badge

4. For each Merge Field you will need to resize the text box to ensure there is enough room for the attendee data.

  • If Auto-Scaling is selected, the text will automatically size to fit in the field text box. This means no matter the font size selected, it will adjust itself to fit.

  • If Allow Line Breaks is select, the text will break to a 2nd line when need.

    • **If this is selected WITHOUT Auto-Scaling, please make sure to size your box to allow for a 2nd line of text to fit. If you do not, it will not print.

Pro Tips to Avoid Print Issues:

  • Select a merge field, and click the center Alignment to ensure it is truly centered.

  • Formerge field box width, drag the sides almost all the way to the dotted, safe to print line.

    • Do not size the box to be on the safe to print line or go past it as it may cause issues with printing.

  • For merge field box the length, make sure there is enough space for the descending letters, like y g, to print.

  • Click Command (Ctrl) and select all merge field boxes to ensure they do not overlap.

  • If using a QR code, leave enough space to allow a minimum of 1" x 1" QR code image on the white space.

5. Adjust the font, size, bold, italicize, and align using the Mail Merge Options menu

Font Options:

[crop output image]

6. Once you have added all the desired data to the print layer click Done.


There are 2 options when selecting a QR Code on your badge - Expo Pass QR code or Custom QR Code.

  • Expo Pass: To be used for Expo Pass Session Tracking and/or Lead Retrieval

  • Custom: To be used when needed a custom QR code from an external source or application that is unique to each attendee

    • To utilize our Custom QR Codes, you will need to upload the raw data that creates the QR code from your source, into an Expo Pass custom attendee field.

    • You will then be able to utilize a mail merge field on the Custom QR code to pull through this unique attendee data.

    • ***Please reach out to your Success Specialist if you are planning on using a Custom QR code, as this requires further discussion and planning.

When adding a QR code to the badge, it must be a minimum of 1 inch by 1 inch to ensure it will scan properly.

Expo Pass QR Code: The Expo Pass QR code populates the following attendee data:

  • Lead Retrieval (use by Exhibitors):

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Attendee ID

  • Session Tracking:

    • All attendee data in Expo Pass Classic

    • Scan in and/or Out Time

[crop output image]

Custom QR Code: This QR code Is to be utilized for external applications or V-Card Attendee Data

Before you are able to create a Custom QR Code on your badge, you must create a Custom Attendee Field (how to HERE) where you will upload the data needed to create the QR Code. This can be a URL, mailto:email, etc.

To find out what unique data will need to be uploaded into the custom field in Expo Pass, you will need to discuss with the application using the QR Code for scanning to ensure it will scan properly.

**This should be discussed with your Success Specialist.

1. Click QR Code on Selection Menu --> Select Custom QR Code --> Click Edit

[crop output image]

2. In the Merge Field Selector:

  • Select the custom attendee field associated with the uploaded Custom QR Code Data

    • You will need to create a Custom Attendee Field to upload the Custom QR Code data from whichever application you are using to scan.

    • You will need to contact that application to ensure you are pulling the correct unique data into your upload to ensure the scanning will work properly.

    • Once complete, please connect with your Success Specialist.


  • Select the fields you would like displayed on a V-Card scan

3. Click SAVE

Text, Image and Shape

These are less used on the print layer, as they will all print the same on every badge.


This is when you would like to add text to the print layer that is the same for all badges.

  • Example - Guest Of:

[crop output image]


This is for adding a black only image to the badge print layer that is printed by the thermal printers and the same on all badges.

[crop output image]


This is for adding a black only shape to the badge print layer that is printed by the thermal printers and the same on all badges.

[crop output image]

REMINDER: Once you have added all the desired print layer elements, click Done to save.

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