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Connecting Stripe for Your Events
Connecting Stripe for Your Events

There are 2 ways to connect Stripe to your event for processing registration and/or Lead Retrieval payments.

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If you are the Event Owner using Expo Pass for Registration and/or Lead Retrieval you have two options to establish a Stripe Account to process your credit card payments:

Both options have a 4.95% credit card processing fee, but there are some key differences between the 2 that you should consider. Please consult with your Event Success Manager before moving forward.

Expo Pass + Stripe Merchant Agreement

If you choose to establish a Stripe account through Expo, please follow the online instructions and prompts, beginning on the Registration section in Expo Pass Classic:

  1. Click on Start Merchant Agreement in Registration

  2. Check the box next to "I agree..." and click Next

  3. On the Identity Verification section, you have two options - select the most appropriate for your needs.



  4. Now enter your Bank Account Information:

    1. Account Number

    2. ABA Routing Number

  5. Once you have completed all the steps the following will appear on your Expo Pass Registration page and should see Approved. This means your banking information is connected and ready to go live.

Connect Your Pre-Existing Stripe Account to Expo Pass

Steps to take if you, as the Event Owner in Expo Pass, would like to connect your Personal Stripe Account for payment processing.

  • If you go this route, you will NOT need to fill out an Expo Pass Merchant Agreement.

  1. Login to the Expo Pass Account with the Event Owner credentials

    1. An Event USER cannot be the one to login to Expo Pass for this process. It must be the event owner (the person who created the event)

  2. In a new tab, login to Your Stripe Account.

  3. In a 3rd tab, paste this link:

  4. You will get a screen that looks like the image below. Click "Connect with Stripe" button:

  5. Walk through the prompts to supply some information (email). You may also be asked to do a phone Stripe Verification.

  6. Once done, you will end up with a screen that looks like this:

  7. Navigate back to the Expo Pass Event tab, and refresh your screen. If you click on Registration, you should see Approved in green. This means the connection worked and is live!

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