How to Test Your Virtual Event

Want to run a test of your virtual streaming session - just to make sure everything works?

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  1. Click on Virtual Event Home in Expo Classic.

  2. Click on the Admin Menu and select Event Settings.

  3. Under Attendee Web Access confirm that it is set for Now and click Save.

  4. Click Admin Menu under Expo Classic and select Sessions.

  5. Once in Sessions click Add Session.

2. Fill out all the required fields under Add Session.

3. Once completed, scroll down and click Save.

4. Go into the web application of your event in Expo.

5. Click Schedule and then select your test session.

6. Click Edit to add your streaming information to your session.

7. View this article on how to add streaming to your viewing options within your session.

NOTE: Make sure the Available At isn't turned on and click Save.

8. This is where you can test your streaming by clicking Enter Zoom.

9. After you have finished with your test session, please go in and delete from your sessions.

  • Go to Admin Menu and under the Expo Classic section select Sessions.

10. Once you are in the sessions screen, select your test session from the list. Once selected, click the Trash icon.

11. You will see the following pop up and select Delete.

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