EXHIBITORS Section of Expo Pass

Here are all the help articles for Event Owners relative to managing the "EXHIBITORS" section of your event using Expo Pass.

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โ“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

Think of this as your table of contents for Exhibitors. Everything you need to manage, understand and become a pro at, is here in this article!

How do I create Exhibitor Sessions?: How to create Exhibitor Sessions (booths) for virtual or hybrid events.

Upload an Exhibitor List: How to upload, manage and support your event exhibitors for in-person events.

Manually Add and Edit Exhibitors: How to manually add exhibitors into your event and edit existing exhibitor.

Add Exhibiting Details: Add the exhibiting details like move in/out times, exhibiting hours, etc. for your exhibitors to access at any time.

Add Exhibitor Support Contacts: Add contacts for your exhibitors to reach out to with questions, needs, etc.

Upload Exhibitor Materials: Upload materials for exhibitors to access like the booth map, event materials, and much more.

Manage Lead Retrieval Payment: Manage how lead retrieval will be paid for - by exhibitors or event organizer.

What is plan for Exhibitor Lead Retrieval Communications: When leveraging Exhibitor Lead Retrieval we want to help drive value to your event with an increased adoption rate.

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