Want to add CHAT to your recorded video session?

Not a problem with Expo Pass! With a Vimeo Premium Account, you can follow the steps below to add the chat functionality to your prerecorded video session in Expo Pass.

Creating a Live Event in Vimeo for Chat

We will start by creating a Live Event in Vimeo. You must do this since the Chat Embed Code is only generated from a Live Event.

  • Once you have logged in to your Vimeo Premium Account, click on New Video

  • Select 'Create live event'

  • Add the information for the Live Event

    • Event Title - note this does not show up anywhere, but we highly suggest naming this the same name as the session you will be using this chat for.

    • Select One Time

    • You do not need a Start Date or Time unless you would like to use this for reference of when you session starts

    • Privacy: Hide from Vimeo

      • ***NOTE: When selecting the Privacy settings for your Live Event in Vimeo, you MUST select Hide from Vimeo for the embedding to work.

      • Please refer to the Vimeo help article on Privacy Settings here.

    • Click Next

  • Enable the Chat by sliding the toggle ON (blue).

    • Vimeo Chat must be enabled in the Live Event settings for this to work.

    • Please refer to the Vimeo help article here.

  • Copy the 9 digit Event Chat ID at the end of the Link. This is what you will put into your session in Expo Pass.

  • You can also find this code by clicking Embed - Chat embed code - ONLY copy the 9 digit ID shown below:

For additional help from Vimeo, please refer to the Vimeo Help Center.

Adding Vimeo Event Chat ID to Your Expo Pass Session

  • In the Expo Pass Web App, navigate to your event, then to your session and click Edit

  • Click on the blue pencil

  • Click on Video

  • Enable Chat by toggling the switch to YES (green) and enter the 9 digit Event Chat ID you copied above. Click SAVE.

    • NOTE: You must have a video uploaded to the session in order to be able to SAVE.

    • When setting the "Available Until" time within your viewing screen for a VIDEO Session, please note that this is the time that the session will expire/shut down. ALL ATTENDEES IN THE SESSION AT THIS TIME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SESSION. Please make sure when setting this time to account for a time buffer in case your session goes over the expected time.

That's it - you've now enabled Vimeo Chat with your Video into your event session 🙌

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