Add Vimeo Chat to a Video in Expo Pass

How to add Vimeo Chat to your prerecorded Video in your Expo Pass Session.

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Want to add CHAT to your recorded video session?

Not a problem with Expo Pass! With a Vimeo Premium Account, you can follow the steps below to add the chat functionality to your prerecorded video session in Expo Pass.

Creating a Live Event in Vimeo for Chat

We will start by creating a Live Event in Vimeo. You must do this since the Chat Embed Code is only generated from a Live Event.

1. Once you have logged in to your Vimeo Premium Account, click on New Video

2. Select 'Create live event'

3. Add the information for the Live Event

  • Event Title - note this does not show up anywhere, but we highly suggest naming this the same name as the session you will be using this chat for.

  • Select One Time

  • You do not need a Start Date or Time unless you would like to use this for reference of when you session starts

  • Privacy: Hide from Vimeo

    • ***NOTE: When selecting the Privacy settings for your Live Event in Vimeo, you MUST select Hide from Vimeo for the embedding to work.

    • Please refer to the Vimeo help article on Privacy Settings here.

  • Click Next

4. Enable the Chat by sliding the toggle ON (blue).

  • Vimeo Chat must be enabled in the Live Event settings for this to work.

  • Please refer to the Vimeo help article here.

5. Copy the 9 digit Event Chat ID at the end of the Link. This is what you will put into your session in Expo Pass.

6. You can also find this code by clicking Embed - Chat embed code - ONLY copy the 9 digit ID shown below:

For additional help from Vimeo, please refer to the Vimeo Help Center.

Adding Vimeo Event Chat ID to Your Expo Pass Session

1. In the Expo Pass Web App, navigate to your event, then to your session and click Edit

2. Click on the blue pencil

3. Click on Video

4. Enable Chat by toggling the switch to YES (green) and enter the 9 digit Event Chat ID you copied above. Click SAVE.

  • NOTE: You must have a video uploaded to the session in order to be able to SAVE.

  • When setting the "Available Until" time within your viewing screen for a VIDEO Session, please note that this is the time that the session will expire/shut down. ALL ATTENDEES IN THE SESSION AT THIS TIME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SESSION. Please make sure when setting this time to account for a time buffer in case your session goes over the expected time.

That's it - you've now enabled Vimeo Chat with your Video into your event session πŸ™Œ

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