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Expo Pass and IBM Video RTMP

Expo Pass can support and embed RTMP streaming into your virtual sessions, which provides for high-quality transmission of audio and video.

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Expo continues to build out streaming functionality available within Expo Pass and we currently offer functionality to easily stream video/audio from IBM Video Streaming.

Zoom Webinar/Meeting, for example, allows for live streaming capabilities once a Stream URL and Key are provided (which comes from your IBM Video Channel). You can add this live streaming service into your Zoom Webinar or Meeting after it has been created via their set up interface (see images below).




With an IBM Video account (see pricing guide) it is easy to create a “Channel” that can be used to broadcast your live session. In addition, IBM Video offers real time chat and Q&A modules within their platform that can be used with your live session.

Once your Channel is created in IBM Video, you will have an RTMP URL and Channel Key that can be provided into your Zoom Webinar/Meeting (see below images).

IBM Video Channel Page

ZOOM Live Streaming Services

Once the IBM Video channel is live and on-air, the Zoom Webinar/Meeting will stream into it and from there this can be pushed to Expo Pass.

Expo Pass Video Settings

NOTE: When setting the "Available Until" time within your viewing screen for a LIVE Session, please note that this is the time that the session will expire/shut down. ALL ATTENDEES IN THE SESSION AT THIS TIME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SESSION. Please make sure when setting this time to account for a time buffer in case your session goes over the expected time.

IBM Video embedded into an Expo Pass Session

Session Default Mode

Theater Mode

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