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Manually Add an Event Attendee to a Session
Manually Add an Event Attendee to a Session

As an Event Organizer, follow these steps to add an attendee to a session after they have been added to or registered for the event.

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โ“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

As the Event Owner and Event User you have the ability to add event attendees into a Session as either a Registrant or an Attendee.


  • Registrant: A person who has added a session to their My Schedule and shows interest in attending.

    • A registrant is also someone who has purchased an add-on session when registering for the event.

  • Attendee: A person who has been scanned into a session or has been manually added as an "Attendee" to a session by an Event Organizer.

Manually Add an Event Attendee as a Session Registrant

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: The attendee must be listed in the event before they are able to be added to a session.

1. Log into Expo Pass with your credentials and choose the appropriate event.

2. In the "Sessions" section, select the session that you would like to add a registered attendee in to.

3. Click on the blue box on the far left that indicates the # of current registrants for this particular session.

4. Click on the "Add Registrants" button on top right-hand side of this session.

5. Now type in the first name of the individual that you would like to add, scroll down as needed to find their complete name. ย Check the box to the left of their name and then the green "ADD" button at the bottom of this section.

Congratulations -- you have now added this attendee to this Session.

Bulk Upload Event Attendees as Session Registrants

1. Export the attendees from the Attendee Data table that you would like to upload into your Session.

  • HERE is how to export attendee lists.

โ— Important: You must include an Email and Attendee ID in your export as these are required on the Session Registrant upload.

2. Select the session you would like to upload attendees into on the Sessions tab in Expo Pass

3. Select the "Upload Registrant List" button

4.Select the exported .CSV file to upload with your attendee data.

4. If you are using Badge Printing while onsite, you will be required to upload a custom ID and an email. If you are not using Badge Printing you will only be required to upload an email.

5. Drag and drop the required fields of your .CSV file and click "Save"

Manually Add Event Attendee as a Session Attendee

1. Navigate to the Session:

2. Click on the orange Attendees box:

3. You will see a list of everyone that has been scanned in to that session or manually added as an Attendee. Click on Add Attendees:

4. Search the attendee's name, select the box next to their name (you can select multiple attendees at once), and click Add:

5. You will see a notification in the top, right corner saying "Attendees have been scanned." and the person will now be listed as an Attendee for that session:

  • The date and time that you add the event attendee as an attendee to a session will show up on the Session Tracking report.

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