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Learn how to manage your Terms & Conditions Policy and your Refund Policy within Expo Pass

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If you plan to use Expo Pass for your event registration, then as the Event Owner you will be required to provide your event's Terms & Conditions Policy and Refund Policy. These policies will be accessible for event registrants to view during the registration process and they will also be printed on the registrant's Event Confirmation (delivered to every registrant once they have registered).

Terms & Conditions ("T&C"): By definition, the T&C document governs the contractual relationship between the provider (Event Organizers) of a service and its user (the Attendees). The document is nothing other than a contract in which the owner clarifies the conditions of use of its service.

The language in a typical T&C for an event will include information regarding the registration process, event cancellations process and guidelines, event attendance requirements, and the Organizer's rights to modify the event dates, agenda, speakers, etc. It's also very important to note who the registrant should contact, and how to do so, should they have any questions. If you are stuck with what to include in your T&C we recommend contacting your legal adviser for more information. And of course, a Google search will surely present you with some good content.

Refund Policy: It is very important that you provide clear expectations to your registrants in terms of what refunds are available, when they are applicable, and how to obtain them. It's also very important to note who the registrant should contact, and how to do so, should they have any questions.

Please note that Expo will not process refunds for any Event, see our Help Article on Refunding Attendees - as the $ you collected is yours and therefore only you (and your team) should manage Attendee refunds.

Your event is free? No worries, we still need a Refund Policy to satisfy our technical requirements, but it certainly can be as simple as:

"Please note that there is no refund policy applicable for this free event. Enjoy!"

Getting your Legal Policies into Expo Pass is very easy - and quick. Simply go to your "Create Registration Form" section in Expo Pass Classic and upload a text file (.txt) for each policy.

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