If you are the Event Owner you have two options to establish a Stripe Account to process your credit card payments:

1 - Go directly to Stripe: https://stripe.com/connect.

2- Use Expo Pass interface to establish an account.

Please note there are differences between each option that you should consider before creating an account. Please consult with your Event Success Manager before moving forward.


If you choose to establish a Stripe account through Expo, please follow the online instructions and prompts, beginning on the Registration section on Legacy Expo Pass.

On the Identity Verification section, you have two options - select the most appropriate for your needs. Please note that Accounts are linked to people, meaning that when this account is set up, it will be tied to the Owner's email address:

1) Company Account, or

2) Individual Account.

Helpful Hints:

Address = do NOT use a P.O. Box. This must be a street address.

Business Tax ID and Social Security Number > use only the numbers, no dashes "-"



Now enter your Bank Account Information: Account Number and ABA Routing Number.

Once you have completed all the steps the following will appear on your Expo Pass Registration page:

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