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Establish a Stripe Account to process your credit card payments when you have paid registration and/or Exhibitor Lead Retrieval in Expo Pass

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When using Expo Pass for your Registration (paid events) and/or Exhibitor Lead Retrieval, you will need to set up a Merchant Agreement with banking information. This establishes a Stripe Account to process your credit card payments (only the Event Owner on the event can do this).

Below you will find the 2 options:

Expo Pass can only support US Based Stripe Accounts.

Expo Pass Merchant Agreement

When choosing to use Expo Pass's Stripe Connect account through our Merchant Agreement, the Event Owner must be the person logged in and filling out the agreement.

Click on Registration - Start Merchant Agreement

Agree to the terms and click Next:

On the Identity Verification section, you have two options - select the most appropriate for your needs:



Now enter your Bank Account Information:

  • Bank Account Number

  • ABA Routing Number

Once you have completed all of the steps above, Your Merchant Agreement Status will appear on your Expo Pass Registration page as Approved:

Reasons it will still be in Not Started status after completing the Merchant Agreement:

  • The person filling out the Merchant Agreement was not the Event Owner

Funds may get stuck after the fact if:

  • The name of the business doesn't exactly match the EIN/TIN on file with the IRS. This needs to be entered exactly (no abbreviations) to avoid issues.

Connecting Your Personal Stripe Account

If you already have a company or personal US Based Stripe Connect account, there are steps that can be taken to connect it directly to Expo Pass.

If this is an option that you would like to explore, please reach out to your Success Manager for more information.

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