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Updating Event Dates in Expo Pass
Updating Event Dates in Expo Pass

You've created your event in Expo Pass and now you need to change the dates that it will take place - so now what?

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For whatever reason you are forced to now change the dates of your upcoming event, but you've taken the time to build out your event sessions in Expo Pass and understandably don't want to start over again from scratch with a new event.  Follow these steps to make this simple update.

1 ) From the Details section of Expo Pass, click the [Edit] icon (the pencil). 

2) Change the END DATE to your new event end date.


3) Go to your Sessions tab in Expo Pass and [Edit] each session with your new details as needed:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Location

4) AFTER you have updated all of your event sessions, then you can go back and [Edit] the BEGIN DATE of your event.

Once done with all four steps, all other relevant information in Expo Pass will remain as-is as well as the mobile app.  

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