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Expo Pass Mobile App Login: Troubleshooting
Expo Pass Mobile App Login: Troubleshooting

Having trouble logging into the Expo Pass Mobile App?

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You've registered for an in-person event that is using Expo Pass and now you want to view your event from your smartphone.

Follow these steps to create your Expo Pass mobile app account: How do I create an Expo Pass account for the mobile app?

  • Note: Registering to attend an event does not automatically create your Expo Pass mobile app account!

You followed all the steps to sign up for an Expo Pass mobile account, but you still can't log in. Here are some suggestions to address this issue:

1. Check to make sure that you used used the same email address that you used when you registered for your event to create your account and login. Expo Pass ties all user access to your email address, so it is imperative that you use the same email address for registration and creating an account.

2. If you are seeing the image below, click the "Log Out" link and try logging back in again with your email and password.

3. If you have used Expo Pass for a prior event, you may need to update the app. The easiest way to do this is to simply delete the Expo Pass App from your device and install it again from Apple App Store or Android Google Play There is no cost to download the app to your mobile device.

4. Maybe you forgot your password? Follow these steps: Mobile App - Forgot Your Password?

5. If you've done everything else thus far and are still having difficulty with getting into the mobile app, perhaps there is an issue with your cellular and/or WiFi connection.

  • Turn off your phone's WiFi functionality (settings), so that you are only using a cellular connection to the internet. The event's WiFi could be throwing up a walled garden.

    • Walled garden is an environment that controls the user's access to Web content and services. In effect, the walled garden directs the user's navigation within particular areas, to allow access to a selection of material, or prevent access to other material.

  • Force quit the Expo Pass app on your phone: To force quit the running of an app in the background of your mobile device, double-click on the Home button to access the new app switcher or multitasking tray and then swipe up on the app that you want to close. DO NOT LOG OUT OF THE APP, FORCE QUIT INSTEAD. Relaunch the Expo Pass mobile app. It shouldn't ask you for a log in or password once you click on the app because you didn't log out.

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