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How do I Create an Expo Pass Account for the Mobile App?
How do I Create an Expo Pass Account for the Mobile App?

How to create an Expo Pass account and navigate the mobile app.

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It's time to get your upcoming event on your mobile phone (the earlier the better).

1. Download Expo Pass on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Search "Expo Pass".

2. Open the Expo Pass Mobile App and click CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

3. Fill out all of your account information and click CREATE MY ACCOUNT.

4. Verify your new account by clicking on the teal Magic Link button in the email that was sent to you from

  • This email sometimes sneaks to your spam/junk folder, so don't forget to check there if you don't see it in your inbox.

  • If you still can't find your email, click on RESEND.

  • If you continue to have issues, please email support at

5. When you click on the Mobile Magic Link button in your email, it will open the app and take you to your event. Click ENTER:

6. Now you are all set to utilize the Expo Pass mobile app for your event.

  • Customize your Event Schedule that includes the Sessions you previously signed up for or would like to attend

  • View a complete list of all Sessions available to you

  • Get to know the Speakers leading your Sessions

  • Learn more about event Exhibitors

  • Plan ahead with Travel and Lodging group deals and information

To learn more about navigating the Expo Pass mobile app, check out our Mobile App Attendee Help Center.

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