At this point you should have created your event in the web platform. If you have not done that, click here to learn how to create your event.

You will also need to have the Check-In feature activated. This can be done by your Expo Pass Success Manager. Contact them informing them you'd like to use this feature.

Application: Mobile

1. Download the Expo Pass app from the Apple App store

2. Login using your event admin access. After logging in, tap "Enter" on the event to view the admin toolkit

3. Tap on "Enter Kiosk Mode"

4. On the next screen select "Check-in Only" (Direct Print is only for on-site badge printing. Contact your Expo Pass Success Manager for more information)

5. Tap "Yes" for attendee check-in. If your registration is free, registration can be used. If registration is not free, and on-site registration is needed contact your Expo Pass Success Manager.

6. Tap "Save" and that's it, you're ready to go!

If you'd like to customize the check-in screen, let your Expo Pass Success Manager know and they will have that ability added. Below is a template of the specs for the background.

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