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Printing Two Identical Badges for Each Attendee
Printing Two Identical Badges for Each Attendee

Here's how to print 2 identical name badges for each attendee with Expo Pass, so attendee data displays both sides - Double Badge Delight!

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

If you're that Event Organizer that is all about keeping things symmetrical with your badge holders and sleeves, no worries! Expo Pass has got your back on that front too. Say goodbye to the constant battle of badge flipping over with the lanyard. With us, both sides of the badge look just as awesome, so you can rock that event without any fuss!

With our feature, you can now print 2 badges for each attendee, so their data is displayed on both sides of the sleeve.

πŸ‘‰ NOTE: These will be 2 identical badges with the same data. You will put the badges in a sleeve back-to-back, so the attendee data displays outward on both sides. It is NOT 1 badge with data printed on the front and back.

❗ Important: It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway just to be safe. If you want two name badges for each attendee, then of course you will need remember to order twice as many badges. 😎

Setup Print Process

When setting up your iPad Kiosks, which must be done for each iPad routing check-in to a printer, from the ADMIN TOOLKIT > "Enter Kiosk Mode", scroll down on the center navigation panel to "Allow Double Print."

The default option will always be "No", so to turn on Double Badge Delight, click on "Yes."

What's the next step?

When your attendees hit that "Print" button, magic happens: their name badge pops out not once, but twice! Yep, you heard it right, two identical badges, just like twins. The printer will cut the badges

Slip them into your badge sleeve, back-to-back, and voila! They're all set for the grand event. Their name will always be visible, even in the windiest of event conditions. 😁

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