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Manually Add Attendees: Add attendees one at a time
Manually Add Attendees: Add attendees one at a time
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When you have a few attendees to add, you are able to do so by manually entering their data into your event one at a time.

  1. Log into your event

  2. Click on the Attendees Section in your event

  3. Click Actions - Add Attendee

4. The form below will appear and you can manually enter the attendees’ information to added to your event.

Important: Expo Pass requires First Name and Last Name as the minimum data points. If you are doing Badge Printing with Expo Pass, make sure to add all of the data needed to be printed on the badge.

  • If you want to enable Edit Attendee Data at Check-In feature, note that we will require that you upload an email address with the rest of your data.

  • If there are attendees who don't have an email addresses, the suggested dummy email domain that you can use to create an email for them is

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