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There are a few different way to get your attendees registered for sessions before the event begins. 

During the Registration Flow

If you are using Expo Pass for registration, you have the ability to let your attendees register for sessions when they register for the event.

  • In step 3 of the registration flow, you will see the option the include sessions pre-registration in your registration flow:

  • If you select yes, after registering for their registration type, attendees will be able to view sessions and register for them - this will also add those sessions the their schedule in the mobile app (if you are using the mobile app).

  • Registered attendees will also have a link in their registration confirmation email that will take them to register for sessions if they miss it during their initial registration.

Add Individual Attendees to Sessions as Registrants Manually

1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Web Application and choose the appropriate event.

2. Under “Sessions” tab in the left-hand menu, choose the specific Session you would like to add Registrants to.

  • There are 2 way to pre-register Attendees for Sessions individually with a CSV list

To Add Individually:

  1. Click on the blueRegistrants” box:

2. Here, you can search for those event Attendees that have already registered and add individual Attendees to this specific Session:

  • Search for Attendees that are registered for the Event by name, or add a new Attendee to the Session and Event:

3. Simply check the Attendees name you would like to add and click “Add”.

4. That Attendee will now appear in the Registrants section for that Session.

Add Attendees in Bulk to Sessions as Registrants Manually

You can do this using a CSV file of your registrants.

1. Head back to the Session Details page

2. In the upper right hand corner, click on the “Upload” button:

3. Upload your CSV file of attendees and match the corresponding tiles (your list with what information is being pulled into the Expo Pass platform):

4. All added Attendees will now appear in your Registered Attendees section.


Pre-registering will automatically add this specific Session to those Attendees' schedules on the Event App (if your event is using the event app). Sessions added to Attendees schedules will automatically notify them (on their smartphone) of the Session details 5 minutes before the Session start (as long as they have downloaded the app and have an Expo Pass account). 


1. Select the session you would like to delete the registrants from (those who have added the session to their schedule)

2. Click on the Blue Registrants box:

3. Check the box next to the Registrants header:

4. Click on the trashcan and then select Delete All:

5. You will now see there are 0 registrants in the session:

  • At this point you can delete the session without any attendee records being broken.

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