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Adding and Removing Sessions
Adding and Removing Sessions

How to add sessions one at a time, in bulk via a CSV file upload, and delete sessions.

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Keep your sessions structured, interactive, and informative with an easy-to-use, organized platform.

There are two ways to add Sessions:

To Create One Session at a Time:

Let's get you started on creating sessions! This is one of the main sections that attendees will be spending time in. Follow along to the information below:

Log in with your credentials into the Expo Pass Classic, and choose the appropriate event.

Click on Sessions in the left-hand menu in Expo Pass Classic

  • Unless you are loading 40+ sessions, we recommend adding sessions one by one so you don't miss any important details. Don't worry, it won't take you that long!

  • To upload one session at a time, make sure you are still clicked on the "Sessions" main tab

  • Click on "Add Session" in the right-hand corner

  • Input the necessary information for your session

  • At this time, location is necessary, so here are some examples of what to put when hosting a virtual event: virtual, from your couch, etc. Get creative!

  • When completing the above information, the most important detail on this page is going to be the "Session Type".

  • If this is a normal session, please use the toggle down to click on the appropriate category.

  • If this is an EXHIBITOR session, please click on Exhibitor. This will create a second schedule, inputting the Exhibitor Session, also known as Exhibitor Booth in the appropriate schedule.

    • **When entering the Start Time and End Time for an Exhibitor Session, the times and dates will not appear on the virtual event for the attendees. The Start Time is only used to order the Exhibitor sessions on the Exhibitors list. With that being said, here are some suggestions on how to use the Start Time as a way to order/ prioritize your Exhibitor Sessions:

      • Exhibitor Sessions are listed in chronological then alphabetical order. Put your PREMIUM spots at the earlier times and continue from there. EX:

        • Platinum sponsors Start Time: 8:00am

        • Gold sponsors Start Time: 8:05am

        • Silver sponsors Start Time: 8:10am

  • The attendee session fields are for in-person and mobile app events only. No need to worry about these for your virtual event!

  • Validating registrants means that an attendee has to have the Session on their "My Schedule" in order to be able to attend. They can do this through Session Pre-Registration, or by clicking ADD on the Web App.

  • This is also the section where you'll be uploading session files (must be less than 10mb). See the image below on where to upload.

  • The speakers in the image above were already inputted into this specific demo event. To input your speakers into the event, you'll see the "Speakers" option under "Sessions"

  • You'll be able to control which Speaker is assigned to each Session

  • The "Speakers" page will look like the following:

  • Moving BACK into your "Session" page, there are two sections left: Continuing Education and Session Feedback.

  • Please reach out to your ESM if you'd like to learn further about Continuing Education as most virtual events do not have this feature

  • The Session Feedback is also only used for in-person/mobile app events - so no need to do either of those!

You've done it! Onto your next session! 🎉--

To Add Multiple Sessions at Once:

Log in with your credentials into the Expo Pass Classic, and choose the appropriate event.

1. Click on Sessions and then “Upload Multiple Sessions” tab on the left-hand side of the page.

  • Here, we’ve provided a sample template to base your document on:

2. Once you’ve uploaded your file, drag and drop the corresponding tiles from the left-hand column to the right.

3. When you are finished, click “Save”.

4. If you click back to the “Sessions” tab, you will see all your sessions have been uploaded. (this may take a moment to load depending on the amount of information)

  • These can be edited individually at any time:

Delete A Session

To delete a session, click on the Session title from the Sessions Section In Expo Pass Classic.

Click on the trash can icon in the top right, next to edit:

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