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Upload or Manually Add Exhibitors
Upload or Manually Add Exhibitors

How to upload a list of your Exhibitor companies and/or manually add Exhibitor companies one at a time, so they have access to your event.

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This article is for Event Organizers

Need to add Exhibitors to your event so they can add company information, add users and maybe sign up for Lead Retrieval? Below we will walk through how to get your Exhibitors into your event, so they can get started.

Bulk Upload Exhibitors

1. Login with your credentials into Expo Pass and choose the appropriate event.

2. Under the Exhibitors section of your event, click on Upload Exhibitors List.

3. Prepare your CSV file for upload.

  • Your CSV file will need to have the following column headers with the required data:

    • Company Name

    • Booth Number (put TBD if this is not assigned yet or NA if not applicable)

    • Booth Contact First Name

    • Booth Contact Last Name

    • Booth Contact Email

Important: Before you upload your file, it is important to check for the following items so you do not have any issues:

  • Save the file as "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)" - other versions of .csv offered up by Excel may be problematic.

  • No duplicate companies: Make sure you do not have companies listed more than once.

    • If a company has different departments at separate booths, please list them with different company names.

    • Example: Expo Pass - Marketing, Expo Pass - Sales, Expo Pass - Success.

  • No duplicate email addresses: Once an email address is used for a company, it cannot be used again for another company

  • One Contact name and email per company: There can only be one person and email listed for the booth contact.

  • Complete email addresses: All emails must be complete and not forego the @ or .com, .org, etc

  • No spaces in the cells after data: Trim the cells for any excess spaces

4. Add your file

5. The headers from your CSV file will appear on the left, and the Expo Pass required fields on the right. Drag and drop the fields from the left to map over to the right.

6. Once all fields are mapped, click Save.

7. Once your file is uploaded, your Exhibitors will appear in the Exhibitor list.

👉 Note:

  • Those Exhibitors that have not yet set up their Exhibitor Profile or joined the event will have the note “Admin has not joined yet” next to their Organization’s name

  • Once an Exhibitor completes their Exhibitor profile, their email will appear next to their Organization name.

  • If they have uploaded an organization or personal image to their profile, you will now see that in place of simply their initials.

  • Those exhibitors that have signed up for lead retrieval will have a green star next to their name.

Add Additional Exhibitors After Initial Upload

If you need to add additional Exhibitor Companies after your upload, you can do so through the CSV upload steps above OR by manually adding them one-by-one.

Important: If you are using Expo Pass for Lead Retrieval and add Exhibitors after the first email communication goes out (3 weeks before the event), please let Success know, so the new Exhibitors can be added to the next round of emails.

  • If you do not notify Expo Pass, they will not receive any of the Lead Retrieval Communication Emails

  • HERE is more info on Lead Retrieval Communications

Manually Add an Exhibitor

1. Login with your credentials into Expo Pass and choose the appropriate event.

2. Click the Exhibitors section of your event.

3. Click Add Exhibitor

4. Fill in the required fields

  • Company Name

  • Booth (put TBD if this is not assigned yet or NA if not applicable)

  • Booth Contact Email

  • Booth Contact First Name

  • Booth Contact Last Name

5. Click Save

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