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Bring Your Own Equipment ("BYOE")
Bring Your Own Equipment ("BYOE")

Looking to leverage your own badge printing equipment for your next event?

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

If you're an Event Organizer with your own badge printing equipment, known as BYOE (Bring Your Own Equipment), Expo Pass is pleased to collaborate with you to facilitate your on-site badge printing experience. This requires you to have your own iPads, Printers, and Router (hotspot).

Below we've outlined the minimum requirements for each of these equipment components: iPad, Printer, and Router. We will also review our Badge paper requirements.

We find it best if you are able to coordinate a time to test your equipment with our software before going live with your event to ensure everything works properly.

❗ Important: Expo Pass can provide support for platform related issues. Any equipment or router/ connection issues will need to be managed by the Event Organizer and AV team onsite for your venue.

Please plan for this ahead of your event.


For the on-site badge printing experience for attendees, Expo Pass utilizes the iOS mobile app.

πŸ‘‰ NOTE: Functionality is currently supported for iOS only (not Android)

When it comes to the minimum requirements for iPads, the primary consideration is ensuring that the iPad is on the latest iOS software. This ensures compatibility with the most current Expo Pass version.

Regarding the size of the iPad, it's important to mention that Expo Pass works optimally when rendering images for Apple iPads that fall within the size range of 9.7" to 10.9".

❗ Important: The iPads and Printers must be connected to the same network when utilizing the Expo Pass App for BYOE Badge Printing, via a router or hotspot.


When it comes to direct thermal printers, we understand that there are numerous options on the market. However, to ensure the best results and user experience with Expo Pass badge printing, our platform is specifically designed to interface with Zebra printers that are compatible with either 203 or 300 DPI.

If you are not sure what model of Zebra printer you own, locate the serial # on the bottom of the printer and enter it here: Zebra Product Warranty Check. This search result will indicate the Product Name (Product Model #).

Your search results will look like this:

From here, we recommend you search this Product Name HERE to get more information on your printer to determine if it is compatible (203 or 300 DPI).

Identifying the exact Zebra printer version can be challenging due to their extensive product numbering system. Below is a list of printers that we are confident are compatible because Expo Pass currently uses or has used them in the past.


​Zebra ZD621 Direct Thermal Printer, with attached Cutter

Zebra ZD620 Thermal Transfer Printer, with attached Cutter

We recommend that your printers are equipped with cutters (but not required). This significantly improves the attendee experience, making it faster and smoother, while also reducing the likelihood of paper jams and badge tears.


πŸ’‘ NOTE: We acknowledge that Zebra regularly updates their product line, and over time, they have discontinued certain models. Nevertheless, as long as these discontinued models remain operational, we will continue to support and work with them.

  1. Zebra ZD500 (Discontinuation Date: December 31, 2021 )

  2. Zebra ZD620 (Discontinuation Date: December 31, 2021 )

  3. Zebra ZD621 (Introduced in 2021)


The router plays a vital role in two critical aspects of your badge printing process:

  1. It establishes an internet connection to ensure the Expo Pass database remains up to date.

  2. It sets up a network that connects the iPads and Printers to each other.

Regarding your choice of router, it's entirely up to you. At Expo Pass, we have designed our custom routers to support Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and cellular connections for internet access. However, the method you choose to establish an internet connection is your decision, as long as it comes from a stable source and meets a minimum download and upload speed of 5 Mbps (ideally 10 Mbps or higher).

❗ Important: Expo Pass cannot provide troubleshooting or assistance for routers that are not our own. If you encounter any router or internet-related issues, organizers should contact the manufacturer of their router or the venue's AV team (the entity responsible for providing the internet source) for support.


While you may have your own equipment, we strongly recommend that you order your badges through Expo Pass. Our badges are specially designed to work seamlessly with specific Zebra printer calibration and settings (non-continuous, notch).

Additionally, they are produced in-house using state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing top-notch print quality.

At Expo Pass, we configure the printer's reflective sensor to recognize the notched badges we've printed for you, rather than black marks. This allows us to include pre-printed graphics and artwork on the back of your badge shell (double-sided color printing), which greatly enhances the overall impact of your badges.

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