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Editing an Event Attendee
Editing an Event Attendee

If an Attendee needs changes to their information, it's an easy fix via Expo Pass.

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

If an event Attendee needs their data updated, an Event Owner or an Event User can make this edit via Expo Pass (from a computer).

Check out this short video on this process -- which occurs most when an Attendee wants a change to their Name Badge.

Manually Edit Attendee Data

1. Click on the Attendee Section in your event.

2. Click on the attendee that you want to update.

3. The screen below will pop up with the attendee information. Click the Edit button on their profile:

4. From here you can update any of the attendee information provided, including registration level.

❗ Important: Once an attendee has printed a badge, you will no longer be able to edit their Attendee ID. The reason is this is their unique identifier and can affect the data on the badge and/or in the system at this point.

Make Bulk Attendee Data Edits

If you uploaded your attendee list and need to make bulk edits follow these steps for a seamless experience:

1. Export your entire attendee list from your event.

  • HERE is how to do this to ensure you are exporting all data needed.

❗ Important: When you export your attendee data list from Expo Pass, you must include the Attendee ID as this is the unique identifier for each Attendee in the event.

***If you do not include this data point, when you re-upload your file the system will create all new records in the event, duplicating your attendees.

2. Make your edits in Excel or Google Sheets

3. Save your file as a CSV UTF-8 file format

4. Re-upload list into Expo Pass

Edit Attendee Data at Check-In

Allow your attendees to edit their own data when they go to check-in and print a badge.

  • HERE is how to do this

❗ Important: Fields that can be edited via the iPad Kiosk are listed below.

All other info will need to be edited by the EO on a computer in Expo Pass.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Company

  • City

  • State

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