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Removing or Restoring Event Attendees
Removing or Restoring Event Attendees

How to remove or restore an event attendee.

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

As an event owner, or an event user with the proper permissions, you have the ability to remove and/ or restore registrants (attendees) from your event.

Remove an Attendee from your Event

1. Click on the Attendees tab in your event

2. Check the box next to the attendee name which you want to remove

3. Click on the Actions Menu --> Remove --> Confirm

4. From the Attendees section you will be able to view the removed attendees in your event under Removed Attendees on the right-hand side.

Restore an Attendee to your Event

If you have removed an attendee from your event that you would like to restore, follow the simple steps below.

❗ Important: You will not be able to restore an attendee if there is a registered attendee in the event with the same email address and/or Attendee ID.

This is because there cannot be attendees with duplicate emails or Attendee IDs. They are the unique identifiers.

1. Click on Attendees --> Removed Attendees

2. Check the box next to the attendee that you want to restore.

3. Click on Actions --> Restore --> Confirm

4. The attendee will now be visible in the Attendee data table.

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