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Expo Pass + Restream Best Practices Help Guide
Expo Pass + Restream Best Practices Help Guide

So you've decided to use Restream - awesome! Let's get you streaming like a pro.

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Our goal here at Expo Pass is to help you build the best virtual experience possible with the understanding that quality streaming is an important aspect for attendees.

Restream is an option that gives you the flexibility to stream your content, whether prerecorded or live to Expo Pass and other platforms.

This article is to help you feel supported and ready to get started on Restream. Below are a combination of articles from Expo Pass and Restream:

While we want to make sure that your event is a complete success, Expo Pass is here to give you the tools for just that. Expo Pass team members cannot assist with technical questions that occur on Restream platform before, during or after an event.

If you have any other questions on streaming, please reach out to your dedicated Event Success Manager or review other help articles in our:

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