What the phrase?: "Be careful what you wish for."

So you have too many potential attendees and you need to put a cap on your registration numbers - no problem! At Expo there are various ways to accomplish this task.

If you know at the onset, before you even launch your event registration, that you will need to put a cap on a certain registration type (or all registration types), please contact your Event Success Manager. They can put that in place for you by either noting the maximum # of people and/or a certain date that registration will be turned off.

If your event registration has launched and you are getting to the point that you want to shut it down, you have the ability to do so from Expo Pass by following these steps:

A- Go to your event in Expo Pass: Registration > Form Overview

B- Go to the Email Verification section for a specific Registration Type and click "EDIT"

C- Go to Member Verification and input your name and email address (any name and email address will work). What this will do once the "ADD MEMBER" is selected is make this specific Registration Type available ONLY to the people that have an email noted here. So in this case, if you put in your email, only you can now go in and register - making this Registration Type inactive for anyone/everyone else.

D- Once you have required Member Verification for a Registration Type(s) they will no longer appear as an option when someone attempts to select that type when completing the form.

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