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We are excited at the opportunity to help Event Organizers market their events. If you prefer to have a standalone registration website for your event vs. using your regular, every-day site? No problem! Expo is here to help.

Here is a link to a SAMPLE Hosted Registration Webpage (HRW). This is the foundation that we will use to help you build your own site. There are some elements that can be customized to your needs (and of course some that cannot).

The website has eight major components ("assets"), which we'll talk more about below:

  1. Banner

  2. Registration Button

  3. Calendar Countdown

  4. Event Description

  5. Event Agenda

  6. FAQs

  7. Hotel/Venue Information

  8. Contact

Asset Submission

When looking to begin building your HRW it is important to submit all your assets to your Event Success Specialist using the Google Form that they will send to you. This will avoid any confusion and make it easy to build out your site as quickly as possible.

HRW Build and SLA

Once all of your assets have been received, Expo will work as quickly as possible to create your site, but please note that our standard service deliverable is two business days following the day that the assets are received (what we refer to as submission date + 2). For example, if assets are provided on Tuesday, then we will commit to get your HRW up and running by close of business on Thursday. We will, of course, aim to complete your site as soon as possible as we love to under-promise and over-deliver!

Once the HRW is built we understand that edits/changes/revisions are a necessary evil (who doesn't move their furniture - ever?!). Upon notification of a change request, Expo will again aim to complete the task as soon as possible. Please note, however, that changes (unless extensive) will have a standard service deliverable of submission date + 1 more day. For example, if a change request is made on Tuesday, then we will commit to get your changes made by close of business on Wednesday.

NOTE: Submissions received after 4:00 PM CST will not be "received" until the next business day. For example, if a request is emailed to your Event Success Specialist at 5:15 PM CST on Tuesday, for purposes of our service deliverable, the submission received day will be that of Wednesday.


1- Banner and 2- Registration Button

NOTE: the "Register Now" button will not work until the Registration section of Expo Pass is completely built out.

3- Calendar Countdown

4- Event Description

5- Event Agenda

6- FAQs

7- Hotel/Venue Information

If you require hotel/venue information, please speak to your Event Success Specialist before moving forward.

8- Contact

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