Click into the Session.

Click EDIT in the top right corner:

Click on the pencil icon.

Click on 'Video'.

Click 'Select'.

Click 'Browse' or Drag and Drop your file to upload your .mov or .mp4 video file. ​

​Please note that larger files will take longer to upload.

PRO TIP: If you are experiencing a very slow file upload, review the following:

1- Check your internet upload speed ( Your upload speed should be at least 10Mbps (or it will definitely be a slow process for you).

2- We recommend using Chrome internet browser in Incognito mode when uploading. It will usually be faster because there are no extension, additional cache, or browsing history.

Once your file is uploaded, click on it so it is selected. Then click 'Done'.

Enable Chat - if you have a Vimeo Premium Account, you can embed Vimeo Chat to a prerecorded video in Expo Pass.

Click Here for more: Add Vimeo Chat to a Video in Expo Pass

Set the 'Available At' and 'Available Until' times. These are the times that the video file will be available for viewing. These are required fields.

NOTE: When setting the "Available Until" time within your viewing screen for a VIDEO Session, please note that this is the time that the session will expire/shut down. ALL ATTENDEES IN THE SESSION AT THIS TIME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SESSION. Please make sure when setting this time to account for a time buffer in case your session goes over the expected time.

If you would like, set a 'Preview Image' and 'Post Event Image'. If you do not select these, there will be a black box.

Make sure the 'Private?' is NOT toggled on and green. This will make the URL link private unless the Attendee has added it to their schedule.

Click 'Save'.

You should see a green box in the top right corner that says 'Updated session webinar' If it was successful.

Click DONE in the top right corner. You can now click on the PLAY if the file is Live (during the Available At time). If it is not yet during that Available At time, there will be a countdown until the Session is Live.

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