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Adding your Event Details in Expo Pass
Adding your Event Details in Expo Pass

If you are an Event Owner and would like to learn more about creating your event details, please read on.

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You've created an Expo Pass account and are now ready to add your basic event details into a newly created "Event."

  1. Log into your Expo Pass account. If you just created your account, you may have seen these screens and clicked "Create An Event"

If you have gone through this step in the past but didn't take any action, when you log into your Expo Pass account, you can instead click the "CREATE AN EVENT" button on your top right toolbar:

2. Now you are ready to begin completing the Event Details and click Create.

Note:  The logo you choose to add here will appear on your Registration Emails, your Registration Receipts (if processing registration payments through Expo Pass), as well as in the mobile app.

3. Once you save your event, it will appear in the “Upcoming Events”


Here is how you can toggle back-and-forth between Legacy Expo Pass (backend) and the Web App (Virtual) while building your event.

Congratulations -- you've just take the first essential step in leveraging Expo Pass for your next event!  From here, you can continue to edit the Details of your event.  If you would like to learn more about editing your Event Details, click here.

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