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Creating Add-On Sessions
Creating Add-On Sessions

Follow these steps to create add-on sessions for registrants to select during registration.

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1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Web Application and choose the appropriate event.

2. Create the sessions you want to configure as add-ons. Need help creating sessions? Click here for instructions

3. Navigate to Registration>Form Overview, and click on the registration type you want to work with

4. Click "edit" to the right of "Overview"

5. Scroll down to the session list and move all sessions you'd like to create as an add-on from the left box to the right box. Then click "next"

At this point, repeat steps 3 and 4 for each registration type you want the add-on sessions to be available for.

6. Navigate to Registration>Form Overview and click on the registration type you want to work with.

7. Click "edit" to the right of "Additional Details"

8. At the top of the next screen you will see Create Add-on Sessions. Put a check-mark in the box to the left of the title of the session

9. Set the price and dates that the session is available for purchase (typically starting the day you are making these updates through the end of the event).

10. Scroll to the bottom and click "next"

Repeat steps 6-10 for all registration types you want the add-ons to be available for.

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