Customize the home page of the event app to look and feel on brand with your event.

1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Web Application and choose the appropriate event.

2. Under the “Details” tab in your left side menu bar, click on “Cover Screen”.

  • This screen will be the main home page for the event app.

3. There are 2 areas that will always remain the same:

  • The upper blue “Upcoming Events” bar
  • The Event name/date and enter button on the bottom of the screen

4. There are 3 customizable areas:

A. The upper area is called an overlay mode

  • Add your logo
  • Change the color of the background to dark/light
  • Or, completely remove the overlay mode

B. The wallpaper is the background of the screen, this is fully customizable with suggested dimensions

C. Change the text color of the event name/date to match your wallpaper

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