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Changing Zebra Printer Thermal Transfer Ribbon
Changing Zebra Printer Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Follow this process only if you are printing on clear sticker labels where a thermal transfer ribbon is used in the printer.

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If you're using clear (transparent) sticker labels and noticing that your prints are very light or not coming out as expected, it might be time to change the thermal transfer ribbon in the printer.

Printing on clear sticker labels requires the use of the printer's thermal transfer functionality, which involves inserting a thermal transfer ribbon into the printer. These ribbons typically last for approximately 900 prints per printer before needing to be replaced. Additionally, there might be instances where a new ribbon is necessary if the current one becomes jammed or misaligned due to unforeseen reasons.

πŸ’‘ Tip: To learn how to change the ribbon, the easiest method is to watch this short tutorial video (maybe even a couple times) as it walks you through the process to change the printer's thermal transfer ribbon.


❗ Important: Before starting the process, please note that this process may take up to 5 minutes the first time doing so and will become easier/quicker the next time you need to do so.


You will need to retrieve from your case the following supplies to change your thermal transfer ribbon:

1- cardboard take up core on the spindle

2- Thermal transfer ribbon

3- Prior to installing the new ribbon, you will need to remove the ribbon that is currently in the printer. Start by opening the lid of the printer and you will find the two spools in the top of the lid. Feel free to discard of the old role and spindle.

In addition to the video above, here is another video that may help with the installation process. You'll need to watch only the first 45 seconds of this one to see the whole process.

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