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Session Tracking Attendance Report
Session Tracking Attendance Report

Access your report o show your scan in and out times, % in session and if attendees answered session feedback questions.

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This article is for Event Organizers

If you utilize the Session Tracking for attendance feature, you will want to access the report to see who was scanned in and/or out, and other important details.

Session Tracking Attendance Report

1. Click on the Data Reports section in your event.

2. Select Session Attendance report.

3. Click on the fields button to select which fields you would like displayed and included in your report.

4. Click Apply.

4. Once you have your report made, click on the box next to Attendee Name.

5. Click Select All ##

6. Click on Actions --> Export

Session by Session Attendance Reports

If you want reports for singular sessions, follow the steps below.

1. Click on the Sessions section of your event.

2. Click on the session that you want to export an attendance report for.

3. In the upper left hand corner, click on the orange Attendees box.

4. Here, you can view and print a CSV list of all Attendees that attended (were scanned into) that specific session.

5. If you click on a single attendee, it will show all sessions they were scanned into and when.

6. To print a list, select the appropriate Attendees, or select all, and click the “More” tab

7. Select "download as a .csv"

Important: This file will only show the Scan In time, and no other attendance data. To get a more detailed report, use the Session Attendance data report.

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