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Enabling and Using QR Code for Check-In
Enabling and Using QR Code for Check-In

How to request enabling and utilizing QR codes at Registration Check-In through Expo Pass Badge Printing equipment

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

If you are using Expo Pass for both Badge Printing and Onsite Registration for your event, you can use QR codes for attendee check-in via the iPad Kiosks. This is a great way to give a touch-free option for attendees.

Attendees will receive their QR code from you in one of two ways - registration confirmation email receipt or Check-In QR Code Email.

πŸ‘‰ If you plan to manually add any attendees to your event via upload or single-add, you must use the QR Code Email.

In either instance, the attendee can pull up the QR Code at Check-In on their phone or print it out ahead of time.

Registration Confirmation Email

Attendees receive a receipt in their Registration Confirmation Email. In that receipt is a QR code which can be used for for Check-In.

This feature can be used for Event Organizers utilizing the Expo Pass Pre-Registration or Onsite Registration.

❗ Important: In the Event Settings on your event, you must ensure that Confirmation Emails Enabled is toggled to Yes for registrants to receive their email.

Check-In QR Code Email

If you plan to upload or manually add attendees, you will need to send a Check-In QR Code Email to everyone before your event starts.

1. Login to you event in Expo Pass and click on Event Settings under the Details section.

2. Click on Emails

3. Toggle ON Check-In QR Code Email and select the date and time you would like this emailed out to your attendees.

πŸ’‘ Tip: We suggest scheduling this email to go out at least 2 hours before your event Check-In is set to begin.

  • You should do this on each morning of the event.

  • You can only schedule one date and time. Once that has passed, go back in to schedule the next round of emails to go out.

The email comes from

If the attendees receive the Check-In QR Code Email, the image below shows what it will look like.

Manually Send QR Codes for Check-In

If you need to manually send a QR Code to an attendee for check-in, you can do so in the Attendee data table.

πŸ‘‰ QR Codes can only be sent 1 at a time via the Attendee data table.

1. Login to your event and select the Attendees section.

2. Check the box next to the attendee that you need to send a QR Code to.

3. Click on the Actions menu --> Email QR Code.

The attendee will then receive an email from with their QR Code for Check-In.

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