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Print Attendee Badges/Labels with Avery Integration
Print Attendee Badges/Labels with Avery Integration
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If you have a QR code on the badge, it's time to test!

(If you don't have QR codes you can skip to PRINTING).

Before your badges are printed with QR codes on them, it will be time to test a few. Event Organizers have QR codes on their badges when they are using Expo Pass for Session Tracking and/or Lead Retrieval.

Test Scan Attendees Into Sessions

1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Mobile App and choose the appropriate event.

2. Tap on the “Admin Toolkit

3. Tap on “Event Sessions

4. Tap on the Session you would like to scan attendees into.

  • All Organizer Users have the ability to scan Attendees into a Session (as long as this option has not been "unchecked" from their permissions)

5. Here, you can view in real time how many Attendees are registered vs. those who have been scanned into the Session (attended)

6. On the upper part of the screen, tap on the “Scan” icon. This will pull up your smart phone’s camera which acts as the scanner.

7. Scan the Attendee’s QR code on their event badge. View the profile of the scanned Attendee, or move on to scan the next attendee.

If you see the above image, that means that the QR code is working and will be good for Session Tracking and Lead Retrieval.

However, if you get the following screen, it means there is an issue with the QR Code on the badge. Please make sure that your QR Code is large enough to easily scan, is totally showing (not cut off), and is not blurry - not smudged. If you have none of those issues, please take picture of the badge and send it to Event Success for review.

If instead you get the following message, it means the attendee is not registered for the session and that you have turned on "Validate Registrants" when you created your Event Sessions. Try instead to scan someone that is in the Session as a Registrant.

Removing the Tested Attendee from the Session:

Once you have tested the attendee badges, you will need to remove that attendee from the session in order for their badge to work onsite.

Login to Expo Pass Classic from your computer and click into your event.

Click on Sessions, and click into the session you scanned your attendee into above:

Click on the orange Attendees box:

Check the box next to the attendee that you tested the scan on and click the trash can:

Click Delete:

Click the arrow next to the Session Title to go back to the Session Screen:

NOTE: If this session has Max Capacity limits, and/or Validate Attendees ON, you will now need to add the attendee back into the Registrants list:

Click on the blue Registrants box:

Click on Add Registrants:

Search for the Attendee name badge who you tested, check the box next to their name, and click Add:

The attendee should now be listed as a Registrant, and will be able to attend the session without issue:

Now It's Time to Print Your Badges!

You’ve created a great template for your name badges/labels, you've tested that your QR codes work (if you have them) - now it’s time to print them!

1. Log in with your credentials into the Expo Pass Web Application and choose the appropriate event.

2. Click on the “Attendees” tab in the left-hand menu.

3. Click on the Data Fields button, click Select All - Apply

4. Check the box next to Name and then click Select All ###

5. Click on the “Actions” button and select either “Create Labels” or “Create Badges” depending on which template you previously created.

6. Select the Avery template that you uploaded and would like to use from the dropdown menu and click “Next

7. A green bar will pop up on the top of the screen. Click GO. This will take you into Avery to be able to preview, test and print your badges.

8. Once on the Avery website, click “Preview and Print” to view and print your badges.

Print away!

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